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This page contains a few links which I hope will be of interest. For ease of reference, the sites are listed in alphabetical order; others will be added in due course ...

Arundel Brewery is my local micro-brewery, which restored brewing to the Arundel area after a gap of 70 years. The company's products, available in both draught and bottled form, are well regarded and have won many awards. The brewery produces a range of popular bitters, golden ales, etc., but also supports some rare and threatened beer styles such as mild and old ale. Its draught Sussex Mild, a personal favourite, won gold medal at the Brewing Industry's International Awards in 2004.

Classrooms for Kenya is a charity run by staff and students at The Weald School, Billingshurst, where I used to teach prior to retiring at the end of 2010. Since it was set up in 2006, this amazing enterprise has raised over £100,000 to replace mud hut classrooms in Kenya with proper brick-built structures. To date, the charity has constructed 16 classrooms in 6 different schools. Every other year, the school takes a large party of sixth formers out to the country where they assist local communities in the physical re-building work. Everyone who participates pays for their own travel, food and accommodation, so that every penny raised can be invested in building materials.

The History Press is the UK's largest publisher of local history, which re-published my Railway Walks books in 2009. Click on this link for further details.

Railway Ramblers is a national club, founded in 1978, that is dedicated to exploring Britain's disused railways. The club's website – the content of which is supplied substantially by its members – is a treasure trove of information and photographs about old railways, and includes a regularly updated news section. The links page is also worth a look, for it contains links to like-minded organisations both in the UK and around the world.

True to the Line Publications is a small publishing business run by Stephen Lewis, whose book Boots on the Line tells the story of how he walked 1,000 miles of disused railway throughout England and Scotland. Boots on the Line is very well illustrated with many evocative photographs of these forgotten transport byways. Stephen is also developing a series of DVDs on the lost railways of Scotland, the first of which is now available.