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Vinter's Railway Gazetteer

Dr. Richard Beeching of ICI will forever be associated with the closure of thousands of miles of British railway lines in the 1960s, although he was by no means the only 'surgeon' to take an axe to the country's loss-making railway system. In the 50th year following his appointment as the first Chairman of the newly formed British Railway Board in 1961, this new gazetteer lists every disused railway of two miles or more over which one can now walk or cycle or, in some cases, ride a horse.

If you have ever wondered what happened to Britain's lost railway network, then this book is for you. It provides six figure grid references for the start and end point of every UK route listed, together with a brief synopsis of the line in its modern form as a 'rail trail'.

Vinter's Railway Gazetteer is illustrated with both colour and black and white photographs, and a set of national maps. The routes listed criss-cross virtually every county in the country and provide off-road and traffic-free opportunities for exploring Britain's countryside and cities via an almost forgotten resource – the nation's lost railway network.

Price (UK only): £10.99 including £1 p&p. Available now.

See below for details of how to order. Click here for details of updates to the gazetteer – there are very few of these, but it is not entirely surprising that a few corrections have come to light given that this project covers the whole of the British Isles.


The Same Sun Over All

This anthology is a full retrospective of my work, comprising early song lyrics, a middle period of free verse and then the later poems, many of which have been published in magazines that promote traditional forms in poetry. Its styles are wide ranging, with themes rooted in the counties from Sussex to Cornwall, and their histories. It is a book of many moods, ranging from light and comic verse to serious poems that question the priorities of modern life.

The Same Sun Over All is 186 pages long and contains 165 poems followed by brief notes on some of the historical pieces.

'... makes a stand against the sloppiness that so often masquerades as verse'. (Roland John, Hippopotamus Press).

'I particularly appreciate the meticulous skill that you've applied ...' (Lloyd Evans, The Spectator)

Price (UK only): £8.99 including £1 p&p.

See below for details of how to order.


Burma and Beyond by Maude Kilvington

We have all joked about being in the 'wrong place at the wrong time'. For Maude Kilvington in 1942, this was a terrifying reality. Her family's livelihood depended on her father's job in the Post & Telegraphs Department – a job intrinsically tied up with communications in the British Empire, an institution that was detested by those Burmese who dreamed of independence ... and then the Japanese invaded. The family was thrown into a quandary. Duty required the father to stay at his post, and yet every day more news filtered through of atrocities committed by the Japanese invaders. This is the true story and eye-witness account of a family's flight and struggle to survive in a world gone mad and consumed by violence and uncertainty.

Burma and Beyond is 234 pages long and illustrated with both maps and archive photographs.

Price (UK only): £12.99 including £1 p&p.

See below for details of how to order.


Railway Walks: LNER

This volume in the Railway Walks series, re-published in August 2009, takes a look at the area once covered by the former London & North Eastern Railway, ranging from the high Durham moors to the rustic byways of East Anglia, where light passenger loadings condemned a number of lines to closure before Dr. Beeching was appointed to wield his axe. Each walk includes a thorough history followed by details of what to look for now, while an appendix lists useful organisations. The book concludes with a gazetteer of those old lines in the region which can now be walked and, in some cases, cycled with official blessing. Once again, this is a revelation and shows just how much local authorities and other public bodies have done to bring back parts of the country's lost railway heritage into everyday use.

Railway Walks: LNER is 208 pages long and illustrated with both present day and archive photographs.

Price (UK only): £7.49 including free p&p.

See below for details of how to order.


Railway Walks: LMS – Available from October 2009

This volume explores the remains of the former London, Midland & Scottish Railway, and takes in a wide range of lines ranging from the Midland Railway's majestically engineered route through the Peak District (now the Monsal Trail) to minor branch lines that once served the Ironbridge Gorge, the cradle of the Industrial Revolution. Along the way, Josias Jessop's extraordinary Cromford & High Peak Railway is explored – a line built on canal principles with level sections connected by inclines – together with quiet railway byways dotted around the region that now enjoy use as traffic-free recreational routes. An appendix lists useful organisations in the area, while the gazetteer of official railway walks has been brought completely up to date. As with other titles in the series, this makes a good armchair read or can be used as an excellent handbook for a day out in the countryside.

Railway Walks: LMS is 208 pages long and illustrated with both present day and archive photographs.

Price (UK only): £7.49 including free p&p.

See below for details of how to order.


How to Order

All of the above titles are available in the UK only on a mail order basis from Jeff Vinter, 1 Victoria Road, Chichester, West Sussex, PO19 7HY. Prices are summarised in the table below; please make cheques and postal orders payable to 'Jeff Vinter'. (Note the spelling of my name, please – my surname is like 'winter', but with a 'v'.)

Allow 7-10 days for delivery. Orders are usually processed by return, but work, family commitments and holidays can result in delay.

If you do not live in the UK and wish to make a purchase, please get in touch by e-mail.

Cost (UK only)
including p&p.
Vinter's Railway Gazetteer (2011)
ISBN 978-0-7524-6011-6
The Same Sun Over All (2010)
ISBN 978-0-9565561-1-0
Burma and Beyond (2010)
ISBN 978-0-9565561-1-0 
Railway Walks: GWR & SR (2009)
ISBN 978-0-7524-5103-9
Railway Walks: LMS (2009)
ISBN 978-0-7524-5104-6
Railway Walks: LNER (2009)
ISBN 978-0-7524-5105-3
Railway Walks: Wales (2009)
ISBN 978-0-7524-4934-0

I very much regret having to charge for p&p on some of the above books, but the Royal Mail's swingeing increases from 30 April 2011 made this unavoidable. I have kept the increase to an absolute minimum, and the £1 p&p per book which I am now asking for is a fraction of the actual cost to me.